Identification and Signature in one platform

Signen offers digital trust services with high accessibility in compliance with eIDAS and the new GDPR.

Launching at the Mobile World Congress 2019
25-28 February 2019

The complete solution for today's digital life

Digital Identification

Combat digital fraud globally and instantly. Your users or customers can identify themselves without any installations needed.

Electronic Signature

Improve user experience by using the high accessibility signature. It can be used on computers and mobile phones without installing applications.

Certified Electronic Delivery

Guarantee the content of digital communications with your customers and the delivery time with Signen's certified delivery.


Add a security layer to the signature and KYC operations by making the transactional footprints public. Signen is only compatible, for the moment, with Ethereum.

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There are hundreds of uses for our electronic signature and identification technology. Signen is a perfect partner for companies that opt for digitalization.

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