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Signen complies with eIDAS (UE 910/2014), GDPR, eSign & UETA Acts.


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Sustainable company

We are a company committed to society and the environment, which is why we decided to offer a product that combines both: Signen.

Thanks to Signen, any company, regardless of its resources or its size, can digitize its processes and take care of the environment eliminating almost all paper in the offices and drastically reducing the use of printer inks.


Digital signature with KYC authentication. Sign your documents through biometric signature, video, audio…


The best APP to centralize documents, send, receive and sign.


Use and adaptation to any Blockchain network: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Alastria, etc.

Maximum Security

Data is stored in a high security cloud. Corporate user can host all data on their own servers.

Document Management

Improve the management of the documents of your company using the electronic signature.


Integrate the platform for free to any business management program.

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Open API

A universal and public use API allows the integration without costs in management programs. Signen is already integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Google Drive and Chrome.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV One of the most used ERP in the market.

Google Drive is the cloud storage from Google.

Chrome with more than 750 million users is the favourite browser worldwide.

  • Banking and Financial Sector 6






  • Legal sector 6

    Purchase Agreement

    Guarantee Contract

    Public Contracts

    Rental Contracts

    Commercial Contracts

  • HR and company management 7

    Employment contracts


    PTO Contrats

    Independent Contractor Agreements

    Commercial Contracts

    Licensing Contracts

  • Energy sector 5

    PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)

    Exploitation Contracts

    Supply contracts

    Energy equipment operating

  • Image “We use Signen for signing all the documents in the office. It’s fast and easy.”
    Managing department
  • Image “I used to send the contracts to the clients. They had to print, sign and scan to send them back to me. It was slow and tricky but Signen changed it.”
    Marketing department
  • Image “The first time they told me about Signen I thought it was a great idea and, nowadays, I would recommend it to anyone.”
    Development department

Signen philosophy

Passion for Technology

Our passion is to help and guide companies in their digital transformation process, using the most innovative and safe technologies and methodologies.

Team and talent

We believe that a happy and talented team is the key to success. Therefore, our policies are directed towards the training and well-being of the entire Signen team.


The experience acquired in all these years makes us understand the challenges and opportunities of each company, providing value, knowledge and solutions in a simple, fast and effective way.